An Introduction

Hello there,

Welcome to my blog.

I really enjoy writing about and exploring different thoughts and ideas I have had while on this grand journey called life. I strive to seek connection on how experience may be able to piece together the myriad of moments of confusions and revelations, of peaks and valleys and of trials and errors. Or of just the beautiful mess of it all. And how I can hopefully relate better to other humans around me, near and far. My head is often overflowing with many thoughts but I aim to spark something in those who read what I have to offer through my writing. Topics that really pique my interest are made quite obvious in this blog but I try to branch out a little here and there.

A native human of Colorado, I must admit that the mountains are my favorite thing in the world. I always seem to find myself exploring them, traveling through them, quite often wanting to explore every nook and cranny of them and currently attending school in them. I am currently in my undergrad majoring in environment and sustainability with a minor in recreation and outdoor education. Regularly it seems, I enjoy a healthy dose of quality coffee. I really just love dogs and they are either a regular topic of conversation, or I’m constantly thinking about them. I have been an avid runner for six years now and in the last year have been trail running. Truthfully, this activity could be categorized under ‘type II fun’ in section of sufferfest sports because, more often than not, all it really is is just a painful sufferfest but I absolutely love it and I have found that anything that falls under that glorious category builds character. A great fondness towards the American southwest desert is present in my life and subsequently, I appreciate the writings of late author and environmental advocate Edward Abbey. In the last two and a half years, I have become a national parks enthusiast/nerd and have since realized that I want to become a park ranger someday.

The focus of this blog will range between all of these topics described above, and more.

Stay rad, and happy trails.



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