An Introduction


‘What better way to document life than to blog?’ 17-year-old me asked.

Summer 2014 was more or less the beginning of this blog. I love to write and to write about my different thoughts on life, and on the myriad of different experiences I had while on the young journey I had already embarked upon. I wanted to find connection. How these different experiences might be able to tell me something on how to piece together different moments of confusions and revelations, of peaks and valleys, and of trials and errors. Of the beautiful mess of it all. And how I could connect it and hopefully relate better to other humans around me, near and far.

So this plan of mine basically felt as if it had crashed and burned into the ground. I wrote a little here and a little there but nothing every really stuck like I had hoped it would. I got distracted. For what I possess in the skills it takes to start projects and think of ideas, I lack in the overall administration and upkeep of those projects and ideas. A lot of these projects are still lying around in notebooks or on my desk waiting to be fulfilled and lived out. Fortunately however, working through the inevitable struggle of blogging was found and here I find myself. Struggling and learning through the messy, beautiful, chaotic, real bits and pieces of life.

Finding topics that pique my interest isn’t necessarily challenging but because I suffer from mild perfectionism, my head is teeming and often overflowing with many a thought. The blog hiatus comes and goes in waves and for what feels like the the fiftieth time, I’m giving it another shot. How I function efficiently as a human is beyond me but I will keep chugging along, as that is all I really can do at this point. I just hope to spark something in those who read what I write.

More likely than not, this grand plan of mine may experience continual trial and error. Sadly, I can’t find myself taking the time to become a full-time professional blogger, because being a part-time amateur blogger/21-year-old college student is enough and option two keeps me pretty busy as is. I am feeling pretty optimistic that this go with the blog might be in for a good run. Updates to come.

Now, allow me to introduce myself.

As mentioned above, I am currently in college majoring in environment and sustainability with a minor in recreation and outdoor education. Lover of life and native human to Colorado, the mountains are my favorite thing in the world. I always seem to find myself exploring them, traveling through them and quite often, wanting to explore every nook and cranny of them. I regularly enjoy a healthy dosage of quality coffee and am in denial of slowly entering into the process of becoming one of those obnoxious coffee snobs. Dogs are a regular topic of conversation and if a dog is seen, regular conversation comes to screeching halt until I am able to come into contact with the dog. I have been an avid runner for almost seven years and in the last year have fallen in love with the sport of trail running. This activity could probably be categorized under ‘type II fun’ because, more often than not, all it really is is just a painful suffer-fest. I have found that anything that falls under that category builds character. A great fondness towards the American southwest desert is present in my life and subsequently, I appreciate the writings of late author and environmental advocate Edward Abbey. In the last two years, I have become quite the national parks enthusiast and have realized that I want to become a park ranger someday.

The focus of this blog will range between all of these topics described above and more.

I desire to partake in as many adventures as I can, and I think you should too because I want to inspire you to get out there and live it.

Thanks for reading!

Stay rad.


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