An Introduction

Hello, and welcome.

Kat started this blog in mid 2014, and although she took an indescribably convoluted (not really) hiatus she eventually returned back, sifting through and reevaluating posts and started back up in 2017.

Her aim is to post three times a month but as a full time student, Kat’s schedule doesn’t always allow for a complete devotion to posting even that often. When she do find the time to post, Kat tries her very best to make sure the topics don’t stray too far* and that they are at least somewhat relatable to you, those kind souls who take the time to read what Kat has posted.

Kat’s hope is to spark something within those who read what she write on this blog (which is so greatly appreciate, she thanks you).

*There are some curveballs on this blog. Kat has concluded that she pretty okay with it however, seeing it’s her blog and if it didn’t go off on some random curve, it wouldn’t really be true to who she is as an individual.







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