On Writing A Book (Someday), & Bringing Old Work Into The Light

I want to write a book someday. About what yet, I do not know but this has been a dream of mine for a few years now. To see it fulfilled would seriously be awesome. There are a number of topics that pique my interest, and to find the right words that portray whatever it may be that I hope to get across wouldn’t necessarily be hard, but it would be a challenge. And hopefully by finding those words, the chosen topic would formulate into a fine piece of work. In the next decade or so, that’s the goal. Or however long it takes for me to get my stuff together and find something to write a book about. Here is a small list of a few ideas I just came up with.

  • My lifelong search for happiness and fulfillment, disguised as symbolism for an actual, very casual, unplanned search for Bigfoot, which is obviously much cooler.
  • The mountains and their everlasting process of sporadic healing and unbridled adventure that will surely last a lifetime.
  • A collection of the many fleeting, brilliant ideas that had materialized over the years from the various runs I had partaken in but had almost entirely disappeared by the time I was done running. My brain can’t retain such brilliance, especially when I’m simultaneously focusing on my breathing, foot placement, and health/not dying on the trail. The book would be titled something along the lines of ‘an epiphany in a dream on some trail where it all happened and remained’, or something loosely related. Who really knows.
  • Bears. Because, why not? Bears are the coolest animals ever.
  • An autobiography. Although that opens up the whole dilemma on feeling obligated to do something worthy of writing an autobiography about. Like searching for Bigfoot.
  • An extended version of a story I wrote in a college writing class that I thought I was going to fail because my professor was intimidatingly brilliant and I didn’t think I was a solid writer and my work was unworthy. Although that sounds pretty standard for an aspiring writer, at least to me.

That extended version is in the works.

Now, as an aspiring writer there are a handful of writers and authors who I look up to in a wide range of ways, all with great admiration. All different in a multitude of ways, respectively, there are noticeable similarities in their styles, subject matter and processes, both in creativity and innovation. They are artists of their craft and I am drawn in because of the content, which all vary extensively yet finding connection and purpose stand out among the rest. I personally believe that words have power, and if the words show you ways to find connection and purpose, keeping reading!

Through these writers, I have also come to see how deadlines intertwine into the process. If getting my editor a first draft by the date I said I would get them a first draft, you are safe to probably assume that quality downtime won’t be happening. For the most part however, the large majority of my inspiration seeps its way out through restlessness. I can’t explain this but come to find, whenever I’m restless, it is usually because something needs to be accomplished. That may be why those so-called brilliant ideas occur when I’m out for a run. I need to move and get out of my head. I’m allowed to let me thoughts come and go as they please on a run. The whole harnessing of those ideas is next on the creative process to-do list.

Per usual, I think I’m looking far too into this. ggBut that is probably just because the past few days have consisted of me coming to terms with turning the age of 21 in a day. Which overall, is not just a mild fear. And though aging is an inevitable aspect of life, deadlines are as well. But deadlines can be overcome.

Writing should never become taxing and I don’t really think it can ever be perfect for the writer because of self-critique, but the process had started to turn towards that way for me. It wasn’t a frequent issue, but it started to bother me to the point of trying to make it perfect. I am a perfectionist and eventually had to get over it because I didn’t have a looming deadline or an editor pestering me about over-due drafts. Obviously, I am also not promoting the rejection or abandonment of work that has been poured into. I say this because if you’re anything like me, it might really start to become bothersome. Thankfully, I have found the motivation yet again to work on said story.

The extended version of this story has really gone nowhere incredibly significant since I wrote it many months ago, edited it months ago and have since re-edited it endlessly. Not only that, but it had been collecting dust in my Google docs and every time I scrolled by it, I wanted to open it and wrap it up but for reasons unknown, I could not find it within myself to do it. I would intentionally go running in hopes that I would find some miraculous solution to finish the story but I turned up unsuccessful.

Which brings me to announce that I will be posting the magic realism story here because in all honestly, it needs to see the light. (The good light, the light at the end of the tunnel light, not the near-death experience light, though I’m sure that this story has come close to that, too.)

I don’t have an editor giving me a deadline, so the date of posting is unknown and I am quite okay with that.

Stay tuned for an eventual posting of the story that I hope I didn’t build up too much.

Thanks for reading!

Stay rad.



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