Seeking The Bliss of Mindfulness

I have been seeking out bliss and mindfulness separately and together but in different ways, and am currently working towards a cohesive unit of both. For me, this especially comes forth when I run. I just experienced it yesterday when I was out. But I’m going to try my best to explain it in a bit of a different way below:

You are climbing a mountain. The air is so thin that your breathing has become somewhat rapid but you are high above the ground, getting up, over and around the protruding rocks on what you can’t believe is at least a path to the top. Your body and mind is engaged and you are completely aware of each placement your hands and feet make and how the angles of your body move. Moving with intention, you must be present in the pursuit of this peak. And your intention is clear: Nothing exists but you and this mountain.

Your perceptions are ultimately heightened aYour surroundings are incredible. Colors are more vibrant and sounds ripples through you like a breeze on a alpine lake. The wind echos but doesn’t sweep away your thoughts. Your mind is sharp and makes a shift into a new state. A connected feeling within you infuses the environment to your soul. You feel in tune, moving with a precision that feels unreal but at the same time, so real. Reaching the summit, a feeling of amazing triumph ignites within you.

You’ve ascended and descended the mountain. Back at the base, you turn around to gaze up at what every part of you just conquered. You turn again and walk through the woods back to the trail head. As your body starts to relax and your mind slowly returns to its normal frame, both morph back into the everyday movements. The sense of aliveness and peace you experienced begin to fade and is feeling more and more like a distant memory but you want those feelings again when your body and mind were linked together so flawlessly. The mountain molded them.

Though the mountain is a great tool to stimulate vivid awareness, it isn’t necessarily needed to be in this state. It can be anything that forces you have a clear mind for ultimate focus and overall bliss. It could be rock climbing, trail running, kayaking, even knitting. And yes, I’m still seeking out what all this means to me.

To enter into this state, I have found that getting out your comfort zone is a good start. Within reason of course and with people you trust, challenge yourself physically and mentally. It will probably going to make you a stronger individual and teach you things you didn’t know about yourself. I can almost guarantee you that you will be surprised with what you are capable of doing.

Maybe you’ve climbed a mountain and you know what this is like, or maybe you have yet to summit one. Whatever it is, get out there and find something that allows you to enter into some good ol’ mindfulness and experience bliss. It’ll benefit you in ways I can’t even think to comprehend.


Unless you are the ghost of Edmund Hillary or Alex Honnold, preferably partake in something particularly low risk but high reward. Basically, don’t risk severe injury or get yourself killed.


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